COVID-19 information

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Welcome to our COVID-19 information page, we will update this page regularly, so, please check back regularly to see all of our latest updates.

All of our lessons are currently suspended, we are currently reviewing the guidance for our return to swimming lessons. Please check back for more information. 

As announced on the 5th January 2021, England will be entering another national lockdown, this means that all of our lessons will be suspended until further notice. 


Some things that have changed before you attend lessons: 

  • All information for lessons has now been transitioned online to our software called Client Hub. This can be accessed via the link we sent out to you.

  • You can send us messages at any time within Client Hub and we will prioritise our resources to addressing these messages first.

  • We have reduced our payment options to either Direct Debit (Preferred) or Card payment online.

  • All our communication will now be handled by our system via email and all of our communications will include your unique reference number

  • We will be keeping a record of your participation for NHS test and trace, this will only be shared with them if required.

Where our lessons are taking place:

10 metres

Down 15 metres, Deep lessons and lengths classes 

Faversham Pools private lessons / lane swimming 

What the pool has put in place for COVID-19:

  • There is now a queuing system outside the pool, this is located under the eves by the Arden Theater and has yellow markings to ensure social distancing if you're early for the lesson you will have to wait here.

  • Upon entering the pool, there are automatic dispensers for sanitizer.

  • Social distancing markers are spread throughout the pool, please observe these at all times

  • Boxes are now being provided for all of your belongings, these can be bought onto poolside and will be fully sanitised after each use. 

  • Cleaning regimes will be increased to ensure all areas are sanitised as frequently as possible.

  • Staff have been trained in COVID-19 safety. 

So what happens now?

       Arriving at the pool:

  • Upon arrival, you may have to queue outside the pool, if this is the case the pool has a marked out area (there are yellow lines to ensure social distancing) that's located under the eves by the Arden Theatre. 

  • You can enter the centre five minutes before the lesson is due to start, this ensures we have the minimum amount of people inside the centre at any one time.

  • Please make sure you sanitise your hands when entering the complex, there are sanitizer stations located inside the doors and throughout the centre. 

  • Measures are in place throughout the complex (including a one-way system) to ensure social distancing so please at follow these at all times.

  • We are asking (where possible)  that your child comes "beach ready" with their swimming costume already on under their clothes, however, we do recognise that this may not always be possible.

  • There will be a limited number of changing rooms available for use, the left-hand side cubicles (the ones closest to the indoor pool) are for use when entering. 

  • For swimming lessons, boxes are being provided by the pool for swimmers to place all their belongings in, these will be taken onto poolside with the child for the duration of their lesson. Alternatively, you can look after the clothes. 

  • You can help your child change if necessary, but you must not accompany them onto poolside. Parents/guardians can spectate from the cafe area.

  • Please ensure your child goes to the toilet before the lesson commences.

  • Once changed, your child needs to go to the designated collection point which is located at the shallow end of the indoor pool, where our COVID-19 officer will meet them and escort them to their lesson (dots have been placed for social distancing).


       During their lessons:


  • Your child we will be instructed from poolside in all lessons, this is to ensure social distancing and in line with our current group lesson guidance.

  • We will do our best to ensure your child is socially distanced throughout the lesson, but obviously we cannot guarantee it.

  • Should the teacher have to enter the water for any reason we will always try and maintain a safe distance by using a piece of flotation equipment, however, where there is a risk to life, our guidance says that the protection of life outstrips the social distancing measures. Once the situation has been resolved we will make sure that we continue to maintain social distancing  

  • Our teachers have been provided with face shields, however, due to the fact that they are teaching from poolside and can maintain a sufficient distance from the swimmers they are not required to wear them. 

  • There is PPE (personal protective equipment) available in the event of an emergency. 

  • All of our equipment is numbered and will be assigned to a swimmer for their individual use. After the lessons have finished all of the equipment will be sanitised before the next lesson commences. 

  • The pool will look slightly different to how it did before as we now have half the pool for lessons due to the space required per swimmer.

  • Unfortunately, parents cannot swim while their child's lessons are taking place as the pool is being designated for lessons in that time period. On a Saturday however, there is a swimming session which runs for an hour but are for adults only.


       After their lesson:

  • Once the lesson is over the swimmers will be escorted by the COVID-19 officer back round the deep end of the pool, following the one-way system, to the changing rooms.

  • The changing rooms closest to the outdoor pool are designated for use after their lesson.

  • The pool would like (where possible) swimmers to shower at home, however, there will be a limited number of showers available for use.

  • Once changed, please leave the used box on the counter of the basket store where they will be cleaned and sanitized.

  • Your child cannot swim after their lessons. 

  • Please leave the centre as quickly as possible, so we can ensure the minimum amount of people are onsite.